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dental health in cats and dogs




"Clean teeth does not mean healthy teeth"

Online Course

This lovely course is aimed at pet owners and pet professionals.

Ultimately the course content is to help you to recognise problems early, to stop existing dental issues from worsening, and to understand the importance of maintenance and prevention

There is a lot of information to learn, taking you to an advanced understanding.


There are 5 chapters to complete - 

Anatomy and function

Understanding dental disease

Examination and recognition

Risk, maintenance, and prevention

Dental and oral emergencies

Each chapter consists of a taught video section which can be paused and rewatched, followed by a quiz, then notes you can download and keep for future reference. The course is taken at your own pace. On completion your certificate is posted to you.

8 Hours CPD accredited

Together, with teaching from Animal Love and your learning, we can improve our pets oral health which will improve their wellbeing. Diseases of the mouth can extend beyond the mouth and an important part of working with or owning a dog or cat is an appreciation of oral structures. You will leave this course with a better understanding, and hopefully more animals will then receive the treatment they may need as oral pain is rarely overtly displayed by our pets. 



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