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dog first aid course online



The No.1 Dog first aid online course
10 hours of CPD learning

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Updated 2022 edition with over 1.5 hours of extra video content.

The complete canine health & first-aid course covers a huge amount of vital information relevant to dog owners, dog professionals and others working in the veterinary profession. 

Learn life saving dog first aid techniques, how to spot illness in your dog and the many preventative measures you can take to ensure your dog leads a happy healthy life. 

The course is available worldwide.

A variety of learning aids are used including videos, images, slideshows, summary sheets and quizzes.  All being taught to you, by a veterinary surgeon. 

Dog topics covered include - communication, signs of pain, clinical examination, dog CPR, bandaging, gastric torsion, pyometra, wounds, trauma/shock, dog diarrhoea, kennel cough, heart problems, dog parasites, allergies, dog common ear and eye problems, toxins, seizures, diabetes, Alabama rot, seasonal canine illness, lungworm and much much more. 

There is an added HOW TO section to help with everyday questions such as How to bath an eye - How to cut my dogs nails - How to collect a urine sample and more


This course is exciting and informative, and although first-aid doesn't replace your vet, it does help you to save your dogs life!  

On completion you will be awarded with 10 hours of CPD and a hard copy of your certificate mailed to you along with a free vitals key fob!



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