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Becoming a vet - Don't give up on your dreams

Updated: Mar 4

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I always dreamed of being a vet from aged 6 (maybe before this l, but I can’t remember). But I was always told at school to forget it! I wasn’t clever enough I should pick something else. I never let that dream go, but I was musical so decided if I couldn’t have my dream job, I’d become a singer songwriter.

Roll on and I’m running home so fast from school with my GCSE results. I had to be picked up outside by some local workman as I had an asthma attack and couldn’t breathe. Mum handed me my inhaler whilst I was trying to say - “I got 9 A’s and 3 B’s”. I think she nearly had an asthma attack too!! No one expected that of me.

Well that was it, off to college and uni! Nope, I wasn’t ready for more education and it turns out there was nothing wrong with that. I moved to London having just turned 17 and worked as a session singer and writer. I fully supported myself as I wasn’t from a particularly well off background. But that made it more of a challenge. To support myself and make my own money.

But then aged 20 I made the decision that i HAD to become a vet. Nothing would stop me this time!

I enrolled into college to take my A levels, I rented a room and worked 6 part time jobs to pay my way and... I got the results!!!! Accepted into Glasgow uni, as an independent student I.e. one who was going to fund her own education.

My parents had never been to uni, I’m not from a family of vets so this was quite different back then. That was ok, I had gotten myself through college so I knew I could survive 5 years at vet school.

Aged 27 I became a vet (I’m now 39), I have never looked back.

It doesn’t matter if your family haven’t had higher education, it doesn’t matter what your teachers tell you. Only you know your capabilities. If you believe it, you will do it. If you are passionate about something you will get there. Don’t let people tell you things about someone who only you know best YOU. Don’t give up, but also don’t push yourself if the time just isn’t right.

Believe in yourself, be strong and pursue your dreams, whatever they may be

**Edit I’m 38 **

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