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Dr Sophie Bell and Animal Love

Updated: Mar 4

I'm Dr Sophie Bell, and describe myself as a holistic vet. I consider every aspect of an animals health and well-being from their nutrition, environment and grooming needs to suitable conventional medicines as well as being open minded to complimentary therapies. I hope to share with you some funny stories as well as sad ones and some pearls of wisdom to help you keep your gorgeous pets happy and healthy. When I go to work, I treat every pet as though they were my own and I see lots of simple mistakes made causing avoidable health issues. My aim is to make you a better pet owner and pet professional and to prepare you for unexpected emergencies.

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Dr Sophie Bell of Animal Love

Why I became a vet

From a very young age, I was obsessed with animals! I remember being 9 years old writing a small class presentation on pyometra's! I am not sure if my classmates enjoyed this information, but I sure enjoyed researching it. I was always told to pick a different career path throughout my education, as veterinary medicine was very competitive. That drove me to work harder, which has lead me to where I am today. Working mainly nights, facing a variety of health problems and choosing to study once again - in clinical animal nutrition! I get to go to work, do a job I am passionate about, laugh, cry and sometimes hold my head in despair. But you know there is always a little wet nose or a loud purr heard in the background to keep me driven with one goal in mind, to make that pet better.

Why I started Animal Love

I started with the concept of teaching dog first aid. I felt as a vet I could teach what it is really like to be involved in an emergency with your pet. I then went on to make and sell pet first aid and dog first aid kits. Then I sat back, and realised there is a lot of information I need to share with you! I mean CPR is rare, but diarrhoea and ear issues aren't! You need all the health and well-being tips I can give you! Anything to stop us getting to the point of a gastric torsion or blocked bladders, all animals to be included from mice to horses, they are all equally important. So this is my mission to teach you about a variety of species, covering a number of different topics and producing courses for both adults and children.

All certificated, and for the adult courses also CPD accredited.

My mission is to build a platform as well as to arrange face to face classes to give you all I have! Why? Because 11 years on I still have that obsession with animals like I did as a child..... they are so very important.


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