Colloidal Silver ‘Magic’ Gel for all skin conditions

Colloidal Silver Magic Gel is called ‘MAGIC’ because it can help to improve almost every skin condition from cuts, burns, hotspots, sunburn and hives – it’s a calming, cooling, antibacterial gel.

A great first aid product to have at home or for travel, for your pets!

How to use it: Active Silver ‘Magic’ Gel can be used on almost any skin complaint. Just rub it into the skin, on and around the affected area. Use on all skin types and conditions, as often as required.

To increase effectiveness the Gel can be used in conjunction with the Active Colloidal Silver liquid - available in 100ml or 250ml bottles
25ml – a great size for travel or if you are trying this product for the first time.

Storage: Keep in the fridge or in a cool, dark place. Keep out of direct sunlight and always replace the lid immediately after use. The ‘Magic’ Gel has a shelf life of 1 year if unopened, and we suggest it’s used within 6 months once opened.

Ingredients: Colloidal Silver, Aloe Vera Gel, Vitamin E oil

Colloidal Silver Magic Gel