The kit contents are to the value of £65.00 making an overall saving of £15.00!!!


Kit includes: instructions for use with helpful first-aid tips

                    1 x 100ml bottle of colloidal silver (with spray top)

                    1 x bottle of Clot It

                    1 x spray bottle (useful for surgical spirit)

                    1 x medium cohesive bandage

                    1 x small cohesive bandage

                    2 x conforming bandages

                    2 x foam dressing

                    1 x foil blanket

                    4 x pre-injection swabs

                    4 x pieces of bubble wrap

                    2 x pairs of nitrile gloves

                    1 x pack of 5 sterile swabs

                    1 x blunt end scissors

                    1 x pot of honey

                    1 x tube of medicated manuka honey ( Activon)

                    1 x sterile 3ml syringe

                    1 x TPR key fob

                    1 x seizure key fob

                    1 x first-aid bum bag

Ultimate first-aid kit ONLY (no online course)