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The Dog Groomers Webinar Series

A unique series of six webinars held once a month.
Written and produced by a vet and qualified dog groomer, teaching and guiding you from hands on experience. You will learn a lot!
Each webinar will have its own certificate which will be posted to you to display in your salon. 
£15 per webinar
Knowledge is power.

Buy all 6 webinars in 1 bundle and save £10 

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The Balls And The Bits- Grooming entire dogs

The entire male and female.

How does that impact you as a groomer?

The season - what does it mean and when to groom, what to avoid.

Recognising prostate disease.

Pyometra, phantom pregnancy, mammary tumours, how to spot.

Do I groom a pregnant bitch?

When to groom post neuter or post c section.

How does neutering affect the coat.

Where to direct owners with neutering questions.

When to speak up as a groomer when you have an opinion on neutering (how it changes the dog)

This webinar aired on Tuesday 6th Feb but you can purchase the live recording


grooming old dog

Golden Oldies - 
Grooming senior dogs

What are the common old age changes?

How might age affect skin?

Dryer seizures and dementia.

Arthritis and how to make the groom more comfortable.

Common senior diseases - diabetes, cushings, kidney and liver disease.

Directing owners to helpful resources for end of life decision.

When to just say no/working with the owner and dog to optimise welfare.

This webinar aired on the 5th March but you can purchase the live recording

The Big Fat Problem -
Grooming & understanding overweight dogs

67% of pets are overweight or obese

How does that impact you as a groomer?

Are there any tips you can give owners?

How to body condition score and teach the owner to do the same.

How does weight impact the dogs health.

Some nutrition stuff! Calorie calculations, food calculations, free foods to feed, achieving weight loss safely. Can you help?

What affects weight gain?

When is weight gain a medical problem?

Use this webinar to make a difference in a world where 2/3rds of dogs are overweight/obese.

This webinar aired on April 15th but you can purchase the live recording

obese dog
dog with breathing problems
Breathe Easy - Grooming dogs with heart & lung disease

This webinar covers a variety of breathing problems, with a look at how to spot respiratory distress and heart disease. How can you make the groom more comfortable? What to expect? Equipment to avoid? Learn about BOAS and some other things that affect our brachycephalic dogs. What is a heart murmur and what does it mean? How may some of the common medications affect the dog? And what to do in an emergency.

This webinar aired on the 14th May but you can purchase the live recording

Skin Deep -
The itchy, the lumpy and the scabby

The good, the bad, the itchy!

Common lumps and bumps.

EARS yes EARS as they need to be understood (you'll learn that)

To pluck or not to pluck, to squeeze or not to squeeze.

Hotspots, masses, lesions (skin changes) why do they occur? Can you give advice?

How to protect yourself as a groomer when the owner says ears and skin have flared up since the groom.

Common things, the things you can say to help, the things you need to be wary of saying.

You will learn a ton on this course, it is difficult to express how much.

Tuesday 11th June 7 - 9pm

dog with bad skin
crazy dog groomers
The Ins & Outs - 
My moral role as a groomer

Some guidelines to the do's and don'ts.

Information to give to owners (sheets you can print out)

Teeth cleaning - can you?

Zoonotic diseases.

Should I take a diabetic animal on?

Should I take an epileptic animal on?

Should I take a dog with heart disease on?

Vaccines, worming, flea treatment, what does It mean? Should I ask?

What other questions should I ask? 

What does the veterinary surgeons act mean?

How much can I do to help a pet?

Tuesday July 9th 7 -9pm

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