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cat first aid course



The No.1 Cat first aid course
13 hours of CPD learning

The feline health, well-being and first-aid course is one a kind! 

Written, produced and taught by a vet.


With over 4 hours of video content, a quiz at the end of each section, over 70 pages of notes to complete your own informative handbook and a scenarios quiz at the end.  It really does take you to the next level, covering a huge amount of information, first-aid tips and ideas to improve well-being.

The course is available to you anywhere in the world, to be taken at your own speed with the option of logging in and out so that you can fit it around your lifestyle.  


Pet professionals, pet owners and veterinary professionals (veterinary care assistants, RVN's, vet techs and, nursing and veterinary students students) will all gain valuable knowledge and practical tips.


Chapters include - body language and handling where the do and don'ts of approaching sick or injured cats is explored, the clinical exam where you will learn the basis of the TPR, how to measure capillary refill time, mucous membrane colour and what it could mean if any of these readings change.  The emergency patient covers road traffic accidents, saddle thrombus and seizures.  It includes how you can help, symptoms seen and rehabilitation techniques for when they are home following treatment.  Bandaging and wound management helps you to deal with a variety of wounds and covers various bandaging options.  Feline oral problems looks at why your cat may have mouth pain, preventative measures, anorexia and pseudo anorexia and how you can help, and the condition hepatic lipidosis.  Feline bladder problems focuses on common urinary problems, symptoms seen, preventative measures to adopt at home and the emergency known as a blocked bladder.  Toxins and their effects covers common toxins, lesser known toxins, how they may effect our cats and vital information you will need plus any first-aid tips you can use at home.  The geriatric cat focuses on diabetes, hyperthyroidism, chronic kidney disease, constipation, hearing loss, dementia, and, arthritis.  How to spot the conditions and how you can help.  Common conditions looks at diarrhoea, conjunctivitis, sunburn, bites and stings and many other problems cats of all ages may face. Choking and CPR equips you with the skills you may need if faced with this situation. Designing a first-aid kit helps you to build a kit tailored for your cat.  Finally a scenarios quiz covering extra topics.

You will learn about anything from flea anaemia or cat bite abscess to nutrition and handling an emergency.

The course is CPD approved - 13 hours, and your accredited certificate will be mailed to you on completion.  This course truly does prepare you for most things you may face.  You will lean a lot!


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