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Animal Love has been joining forces with experts in the animal world to bring you informative and educational webinars focused around hot topics. Dr Sophie Bell hosts and co-hosts with various speakers to bring you up to date information, knowledge, practical, conventional and holistic advice.

These webinars are via Zoom. If you can't make the date you can still purchase a ticket and watch a recording of the live event and send us any questions you may have.

Knowledge is power 

Learn how to avoid painful mats which ultimately lead to skin problems, which products to use to enhance skin & coat health, how to recognise a skin problems including lumps and bumps, understand the grooming process, how to help your dog enjoy their pamper, knot free = pain free, understanding limitations with senior dogs. Why the coat changes with health. Be an amazing pet owner! 

JUNE 22nd 7pm - 8.30pm


The Pet Owners Guide To The Coat & Skin


dog bottom.jpeg

Understanding The Unneutered Female


A great webinar for all entire female dog owners and pet professionals.

  • Hormones and their role

  • Phantom pregnancies

  • Understanding seasons

  • To spay or not to spay

  • Recognising a Pyometra

This will be educational, practical and useful ​

JUNE 28th 7pm - 9pm