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Animal Love has been joining forces with experts in the animal world to bring you informative and educational webinars focused around hot topics. Dr Sophie Bell hosts and co-hosts with various speakers to bring you up to date information, knowledge, practical, conventional and holistic advice.

These webinars are via Zoom. If you can't make the date you can still purchase a ticket and watch a recording of the live event and send us any questions you may have.

Knowledge is power 

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Strikes Back

Colin Taylor and Dr Sophie Bell are back together with an in-depth session looking at skin conditions, business advice, grooming dogs with medical conditions, breed specifics on hair and health, practical tips, first-aid advice, some live grooming tips, when and what products to use and so much more!

Discussions, questions and answers.

May 16th 10am - 4pm



As your dog ages, their needs alter.  From nutrition to exercise, skin changes and grooming, sound and vision.  Different illnesses become more prevalent and spotting them early can help.  How can you look after your golden oldie and keep their quality of life at its best and when should you say your goodbyes?  This webinar with Dr Sophie Bell will look at a variety of topics and aides to help your pet as they reach those senior years.

April 19th 6.30pm - 8pm




Dog walks are a part of the everyday routine when you own a pet or dog walking business.  But the great outdoors can come with some risks - from plants to poo, parasites to paw injuries, racers to retirees, there is so much to learn during this webinar.  Dog fights, what to carry, those with specific health needs will all be discussed.  Questions will be welcomed during this 90 minute session with Dr Sophie Bell.  The great outdoors can be a scary place, but it'll be no match for you once you have gained this new knowledge. 

April 12th 6.30pm - 8pm



Vet Dr Sophie Bell and holistic/conventional vet Dr Shelley Doxey join forces to talk all things holistic for our dogs AND cats.  From herbal medicine to acupuncture, titre tests and worm counts and food glorious food.  A balanced approach to a natural approach for your pet.  Open minded vets talking to you about how to improve health and well-being.  Questions welcomed.

This webinar has finished. Purchase a ticket to watch the on-demand live recording



From young to old, our pets joints are important. Knowing about supplements, warm up and down exercises, some dietary tips and practical environmental changes to prevent and manage are important. So much to explore and consider.

Dr Sophie Bell will be teaming up with Sara Hughes, veterinary physiotherapist to talk about all things joint related. A 2 hour session exploring numerous approaches, common treatments, management at home and prevention of injury.

This webinar has finished. Purchase a ticket to watch the on-demand live recording



This webinar has finished. Purchase a ticket to watch the on-demand live recording

Hair and Health Webinar - dog grooming professional and vet join forces!

Colin Taylor and Dr Sophie Bell will talk all things dog grooming from a groomer and vet perspective!

Covering a variety of topics to help you and those pooches you groom. Two hours of jammed packed learning for £15! Hair and Health will be a unique webinar and you will be able to re-watch even if you cannot make the day and time.



Cat groomer Heidi Anderton and vet Dr Sophie Bell co-host to bring this amazing and unique webinar focusing on or cats health and grooming needs.  You maybe looking for help to keep your friend matt free, considering a career in cat grooming or a seasoned pro. This webinar offers something for everyone, how to reduce stress, spot health problems, read behaviours, use appropriate products and provide everything you can to ensure our cats well-being is of most importance.  Questions welcomed.

May 6th 6.30pm - 8.30pm