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dog walking webinars by animal love

The Dog Walkers & Boarders
Webinar Series

This is a unique set of webinars aimed at dog walkers and boarders. A certificate is posted for every webinar attended, and there are interactive quizzes to take throughout. 

£15 per webinar or purchase all 4 as a bundle and save £8

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Walking & Caring For Dogs 
With Joint Disease

This webinar will look at those diagnosed with a joint disorder and those predisposed to a joint disorder including:

Hip Dysplasia

Patella Luxation



Pre and post walk exercises.

Equipment and aides.

What to have in a first-aid kit to be prepared.


The lame dog, is it your fault?


Joint disease or is it?

Cruciate disease.

Understanding joint disease.

Walks pre and post joint surgery.

And so much more! Including time for questions.

This webinar aired on the 20th March but you can purchase the live recording


collie running on beach joint disease webinar
preventative care for dogs

Preventative Health Care

Nail and foot care inc. hyperkeratosis, protection of paw pads, helping the arthritic, corns, and injury.

Entire dogs vs neutered dogs - When do you have them in your care, when to say no! What are the pros and cons.

Vaccinations when and why.

Titre tests and worm counts, what are they and what do they mean.

External and internal parasite - can you spot them and what can you do.


Heatstroke, I shall provide some handouts to give your owners.

Contagious - how to prevent disease spread.

This webinar aired on the 1st May but you can purchase the live recording


Common Drugs & Supplements

Side effects

How to administer.

Risks to YOU.

Some common herbal products.

Adison's disease.

Dogs with dementia.

What do those supplements and drugs do. This will help you understand the way the dog is.

What questions to ask.

Storage of drugs and supplements.

The epileptic pet.

Giving insulin and the diabetic pet.

You need to understand more about the pets you care for and their daily drugs. This webinar will help you.

Wednesday 5th June 7 - 9pm


common drug supplements for dogs animal love webinar
illness in dogs animal love webinar
Spotting Common Illness & Emergencies

What are worrying signs?

Advice you can give but cannot diagnose

Poo, what does it mean?

Minimising the risk of a predisposed dog getting sick.

CPR and choking.

What to have in your kit.

Common toxins and symptoms.

Interpreting a quick clinical check.

Eye injuries, bleeding, collapse, petechiae haemorrhaging, head injury, wounds, tongue bleeds.

When to refuse a dog into your care.

Wednesday 17th July 7 - 9pm


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