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Super cool kit essential for all those dogs out working, or partaking in vigorous activity.



Aqeos blood stop powder

Aqueous spray on plaster

Oralade electrolyte drink (vegetable)

Gluo/dextrose gel tube

Foil blanket

WASup wasp sting wipe

Pen torch



Tick remover


Sterile swabs

4 x alcohol swabs

20 x cotton buds

2 x primapore

Micropore tape

Instant ice pack

4 x saline pods

4 x conformong bandages ( 2 different sizes)

2 x cohesive bandages

5ml syringe

Burn gel sachet

2 x vinyl gloves

Vitals key fob

Bee/wasp key fob

Heatstroke key fob

External bleeding key fob

Top tips guide

LARGE first-aid bag

Carabiner to clip your bag to you!

Be Brave Working/Active Dog MEGA Kit

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