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This mega kit is absolutely packed full of useful items providing you with all you need.  The veterinary surgeons act allows you as a pet professional/owner to adminster first aid.  That could be stemming a bleed, to taking a temperature in a dog you suspect is suffering heatstroke.  Here is what it includes:


  • 1 x 1oz clotit - suitable for all bleeds including arterial bleeds - This product has been discontinued. Your kit will contain aqueous blood stop powder, a very similar product!
  • 1 x leucillin 150ml spray - antiseptic 
  • 1 x luofucon hydrogel 15g - protects wounds
  • 1 x vinyl gloves - for your protection
  • 20 x cotton buds - great for applying clotit to nails and for cleaning small areas (with cold black tea or chamomile tea)
  • 1 x 30g arnica cream - for clipper rash. grazes, and bites and stings. Very soothing,
  • 2 x cohesive bandage (vet wrap)- remember to unravel first before using to avoid making it too tight. Never apply directly to the skin.
  • 2 x primapore dressings
  • 1 x tick remover
  • Vitals key fob
  • Dehydration key fob
  • CPR key fob
  • Heatstroke key fob
  • Bites & stings key fob
  • External bleeding key fob
  • Seizures key fob
  • 4 x saline pods - for wounds, use to lubricate eyes and avoid homemade salt water
  • 4 x pet socks - for small to medium paws but they stretch
  • 1 x 5ml syringe
  • Pack of 5 sterile swabs
  • 1 x ice pack - for heatstroke, to help a bite/sting, useful for fitting dogs
  • 1 x instant hot pack
  • 1 x honey sachet
  • 1 x WASup wipe - for wasp stings
  • 1 x foil blanket
  • 1 x pill giver
  • 1 x pen torch
  • 4 x NO alcohol swabs
  • 1 x digital thermometer - 37.5C-39.2C is the normal range if well
  • 4 x conforming bandages (2 different sizes) - use on wounds, as a torniquet (if you have learnt how to), as a makeshift muzzle, and as an extra lead
  • 1 x scissors
  • 1 x micropore tape
  • 1 x top tip guide
  • 1 x first-aid bag

Pet First Aid Kit - Be Brave Pet Professional/Owner MEGA

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