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Every part of a lily can be toxic to a cat

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Lilies can look beautiful around the home, but if you are a cat owner they can be deadly for your pet. If a cat eats or rubs up against certain Lilies they can be extremely toxic and in some cases can lead to kidney failure and death. Even the water they are kept in can be toxic!

In this short video vet Dr Sophie Bell explains more about Lily toxicity for cats

If you suspect your cat may have eaten or come into contact with lilies then you should contact your vet immediately as the quicker you act the better chance your cat has of being diagnosed and treated.

Signs of intoxication can include decreased appetite, drooling and vomiting. The cat will often seem lethargic and you may notice increased thirst as the toxicity of the lily starts to effect the kidneys. If left untreated death can occur several days later as the kidneys shut down.

If you are interested in learning more about toxicities for cats, how to look after the overall health of your cat and cat first aid why not visit Animal Love and consider taking the online cat first aid course.

Dr Sophie Bell - Veterinary Surgeon

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