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My Dog keeps being sick... What should I do?

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

It can be alarming and you should be vigilant as there are many causes, some of which are a medical or surgical emergency.

Vomiting leads to dehydration quicker than diarrhoea and more than 6 episodes in 24 hours, along with a dog who seems unwell should be a concern.

Diarrhoea without blood, in dogs who appear well may be managed with a bland diet of scrambled egg or white fish with a high fibre source such as canned pumpkin or sweet potato. Take your time when reintroducing the original diet and ask your vet about pastes that contain pre and probiotics to help with recovery. If you see blood and/or the dogs appears unwell do not delay a vet check as dehydration can kick in worsening their symptoms...

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