• Sophie Bell

Can a dog eat strawberries? And 8 other fruits

Updated: Jan 5

So many dog owners ask theses type of questions and rightly so.

What can my dog eat and what can't they eat. We have so many food items around the house that are great for us as humans to eat so we would assume that they are great for dogs as well, but this isn't always the case.

As dog owners we need to be careful what we allow our pets to get hold of, sometimes hard when you have a hungry Labrador or persistent Beagle giving you those feed me eyes!

Lets take a look at some common fruits...


<img src="strawberries.jpg" alt="can dogs eat strawberries">

Yes dogs can eat strawberries with no serious side affects.

Strawberries do not pose any health risk to your dog, although like with a lot of fruit, they are high in natural sugar so a large amount eaten could result in some stomach upset.

Packed full of fibre and vitamins they certainly wont do your dog any harm.

Best to avoid tinned strawberries which could be coated in other ingredients and always wash fruit before feeding it to your pet.



<img src="pineapple.jpg" alt="can dogs eat pineapple">

Yes dogs can eat pineapple but it does have a high sugar content.

Pineapple is not toxic for your dog so they can eat it, but the high sugar content means its not great for them to eat on a regular basis. Pineapple is packed with vitamins and minerals but your dog will already be getting what it needs from its normal diet, so giving pineapple should only be an occasional treat if they like it.

Avoid tinned pineapple as this is usually soaked in more sugary substances and do not feed the skin to dogs as it will be hard for them to digest.



<img src="apples.jpg" alt="can dogs eat apples">

Yes dogs can eat apples.

Packed full of vitamins and fibre giving your dog apple certainly wont harm them.

Apples are high in natural sugar so if you are giving any to your pet feed small amounts and in moderation. Too much could cause stomach upset.

Avoid the pips and core as this can be mildly toxic to your dog.



<img src="bananas.jpg" alt="can dogs eat bananas">