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Dog Fleas - The signs and treatment

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Fleas! These itchy little creatures can cause major issues for some pets.

They can carry tapeworm, so a pet with fleas may well have tapeworm too.

In large numbers they can cause anaemia as they feed on blood. This is much riskier for our very young animals.

flea jumping on carpet

Some pets are so very allergic to flea saliva, that just one bite can cause a major skin reaction. For these pets, they do not have to have any visible fleas on the coat, it only takes one bite!

From billy no mates (natural prevention) to advocate (vet prescribed), we all have a way of controlling fleas on our pets. However make sure you do have control! 5% live on your pet, the remaining 95% live in the environment. Which means to get optimum control you need to treat your pet AND their home.

Some people choose flea treatments that are not vet prescribed, again if this manages the problem then great. But if your pet is struggling with fleas, a vet prescribed treatment is often the only way to get the situation under control.

Do what is best for them.

Once you have the situation under control, make daily visual checks to your pets coat and look out for the following signs:

**Scratching, especially under the chin, along the last portion of the back, and around the tail base. Fleas love to feed here!

**Small black flecks on your pets coat. Brush these onto a piece of white paper, add a little water, and if you see reddish/brown streaks then this is likely to be flea dirt. A mix of flea poo and blood. A clear sign that fleas have been feeding on your pet.

Keep them protected!


If you would like to learn more about dog health and well-being why not try a course from Animal Love which are all taught by a vet.

Online, Virtual and face to face.

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